Archie Smith

DRIBBLING/SPEED & AGILITY TRAINER Coach Archie is originally from Alabama, where he was a standout on the gridiron. He brings a lot of energy to his classes and is able to push any player to believe that they can achieve their dream through hard-work and dedication. While Archie does run dribbling classes, his expertise is…
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Duke McKamey

POST PLAYER SPECIALIST Duke Freeman-McKamey is a monster rebounder who can provide a big body in the post. In addition to having an excellent body for interior play, he’s also very dangerous inside and outside the paint. His soft touch allows him to hit off from 17 feet and also from 3pt range. Has a…
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Gerald Jarmon

DRIBBLING/SPEED & AGILITY SPECIALIST Gerald’s coaching knowledge and his style is one that knows exactly how to build a players confidence right where they are at. His ability to teach ball handling and transition moves is unique. He has the ability to train point guards on how to lead their teams both from the skills…
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