Aaron Yancey

Dribbling, Shooting, Quickness/Agility & Defensive minded trainer.

Coach Aaron has been around the game of basketball his entire life as a Middle School Head Coach and one of the first Advanced Hoops(now TEAM PA) AAU Showcase Head Coaches! Aaron has been an Advanced Hoops Trainer for 12 years and the Director of Operations for the 3-Star League.

Coach Aaron is a great coach, positive leader and mentor for all young players.


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Archie Smith Jr.


Coach Archie is from Alabama, where he was a standout on the gridiron. He brings TONS of energy to his classes and is able to push any player to believe that they can achieve their dream through hard-work and dedication. ARCHIE IS THE DIRECTOR OF TRAINING FOR ADVANCED HOOPS SPECIALIZING IN Speed & Agility TRAINING. Coach Archie not only demands a lot out of players, but is there to help them and motivate them at the same time.


Background Info

  • Former Collegiate Football Player at Auburn University & Alabama State University
  • Former Arena Football Player for the Harrisburg Stampede
  • Current Associate Coach & Defensive Coordinator of the Central Penn Capitals
  • Speed & Agility Expert
  • Dribbling Instructor
  • High Energy Trainer/Great Motivator


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Duke McKamey


Coach Duke is a monster rebounder who can provide a big body in the post, he’s also very dangerous inside and outside the paint. His soft touch allows him to hit off from 17 feet and also from

3pt range. Defensively, he can guard centers and power forwards. Duke is very fast in transition and is a

high energy player with leadership qualities. He is a great coach for anyone looking for a post coach to help their player with rebounding,

post moves, and post defense.

Career Highlights

  • 1999-2000=Nike ESPN NIT All-Star Trip to Europe
  • 2000-2001=Fordham 10.5ppg, 6.9 rpg
  • 2001-2002=Fordham 7.1ppg, 6.9 rpg, & 0.8 apg
  • 2002 Rucker Park League Champions
  • 2002 Drafted by Brooklyn Kings
  • 2002=Brooklyn Kings 5.2ppg, 6.5 rpg, 10 apg
  • 2002 Drafted by Roanoke



  • Atlantic 10 Most Improved Player (2000)
  • Baltic League D2 Champion (2005)
  • Lithuanian LKL All-Star Game (2005)
  • Eurobasket Lithuanian League All Imports Team (2005)
  • Baltic 2nd Div. League MVP (2005)
  • Baltic League All-Star Game (2006)


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